Visitation Center

The Alternative House Children Visitation Center provides supervised visits, semi-supervised visits and monitored exchanges.


We can service a wide range of families including those experiencing past or ongoing domestic violence,sexual abuse, threats of abduction, history of substance abuse and/or mental illness, and high conflict divorce.


Bi-lingual staff are available.

               Intake Process & Fees:


There is an Intake Fee of $45.00 per parent. Visitation fees are based on a sliding scale according to income.


There is a minimum charge of $25.00 per hour for supervised visitation. The fee for semi-supervised visitation is one half of the scale amount.


The charge for Monitored Exchange is $15.00 per exchange, each way.

Income verification is required for both parties. Additional fees will be charged for provision of Summary Reports and court involvement.


Hours are flexible, so please call for availability.

For more information contact us at (978) 937-5777




Alternative House

P.O. Box 2100

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Phone: 1-978-937-5777

Fax: 1-978-937-5595


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