Mary Rita's House


Mary Rita's House is a program that was established for survivors of domestic violence that were  exiting emergency shelter and in need of additional housing. This residential program is focused on assisting those who need to enroll  in job training, GED classes, or classes at the local colleges as they continue working towards independence and a life free from violence.


This two year program is aimed at helping families obtain permanent housing while being provided with assistance in developing employment and life management skills.


This includes, but is not limited to, permanent housing searches, GED training, specialized job certification programs, and additional time to save money and gain life/employment skills to enter the job market and live independently of government assistance.


Alternative House offers these services directly on-site or in collaboration with other local job training agencies, vocational schools and the local community college.


For more information or to apply, please contact the Job & Housing Coordinator at 1-978-446-1248.