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About Alternative House

The mission of Alternative House is to facilitate the creation of a society in which violence and oppression will no longer exist. As a means to this end, we offer access to shelter, support, children’s programming, legal, housing, and community advocacy for all victims of domestic violence (and their children) who seek our help.  

We are committed to the empowerment of all victims toward self-sufficiency. We do not discriminate against any race, class, culture, age group or sexual orientation. In addition, we provide community education and support to reform societal attitudes that permit violence and oppression against anyone.

Alternative House has provided comprehensive domestic violence services in the Greater Lowell area for over forty years. Founded in 1978, Alternative House has served thousands of survivors of domestic violence. The agency provides not only emergency shelter and 24-hour crisis hotline services but access to temporary safe housing, transitional/permanent housing, legal advocacy, supervised visitation services, community/housing advocacy, support groups, youth, and teen programming, as well as daily access to case management, safety planning, and support around goal setting, financial empowerment, and job/educational placement.


Alternative House is one of three founding agencies of the Greater Lowell Evaluation and Advocacy Network (GLEAN) which is a high-risk assessment/rapid response team as well as the founder of the Lowell City Manager’s Task Force Against Domestic Violence.

The agency, formally incorporated in 1978, was founded by a group of women who took part in the “Battered Women’s Movement” of the 70’s – a movement to bring awareness, and an end, to violence against women. This group of women paved the way for the agency to, 44 years later, provide services to thousands of survivors of domestic violence.

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