Alternative House

       "Moving From Victim to Survivor"

Welcome to the Official Website of Alternative House.

The mission of Alternative House is to facilitate the creation of a society in which violence against women will no longer exist. As a means to this end, we offer shelter, support, options, counseling and legal advocacy for all battered women (and their children) who seek our help. We are committed to the empowerment of women toward self sufficiency. We do not discriminate against any race, class, culture, age group or sexual orientation.

In addition, we provide community education to reform societal attitudes that allow violence against women.

TOLL-FREE NUMBER: 1-888-291-6228

Alternative House is a member agency of Jane Doe, Inc.

To contact us:

Alternative House
PO Box 2100
Lowell, MA 01851
Phone: 978-937-5777
Toll Free: 888-291-6228
Fax: 978-937-5595